Anti-Ageing Tech Seminars

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The Overview

The seminars are designed to introduce you to the world of Psychotronic Generators and how to use them to significantly improve your health.


Change Your Life

The techniques we teach to improve your health & well-being will enable you to deeply enrich your life.


Space Limited

The seminars are based in central London, England.   

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Seminar Overview


Seminar Principals

This two day introductory seminar allows you the opportunity to understand Psychotronic Generators and how to use them to improve your health.

Enjoy Dinner At The End of Day One

The seminar will have a group dinner and a chance to speak directly with Nick Richardson, The Founder of Anti-Ageing Tech.  

Practical Exercises With Your Crystals

We will demonstrate a series of methods you can use to improve your health on a daily basis.

Suggested Psychotronic Generators

We recommend the acquisition of the Sublime Good Psychotronic Generator Clear Crystal and the Psychic Scalpel Psychotronic Generator Smoky Crystal as they are the foundation for this and future seminars.

Please Note & Disclaimer

For the avoidance of doubt.  The seminars and Psychotronic Generator crystals are designed to be informative and for peoples who are considered in general good health.  

The seminars are for preventative applications of Psychotronic Generators and is not designed "To Cure" as this is unethical and unscrupulous.   

Anti-Ageing Tech

Designed to help keep you in good health, longer using deep black ops military tech and far future physics.

Anti-Ageing Two Day Seminar


Two Day Anti-Ageing Seminar

  • Learn About Anti-Ageing Technology
  • Learn Psychotronic Generators techniques.
  • Located Central London
  • Small Groups
  • A Group Dinner Run By Anti-Ageing Tech
  • Price: $2,000 per person
  • If you wish to attend or learn more contact nick at: 

Anti-Ageing Tech Seminars

Autophagy 4 hour Workshop


Autophagy Workshop

  • The Autophagy workshop is designed for owners of the  Autophagy Psychotronic Generator Set.
  • Learn about Autophagy. 
  • Learn about the benefits of the Autophagy Psychotronic Generators
  • Opportunity to discuss your Autophagy Psychotronic Generator Experiences.  
  • 10am to 2pm (4 hours with break in the middle.)
  • Price £180. 
  • Central London Venue.
  • Small Groups no more than 20 people. 
  • Register Your Interest email: