Easy How To Use Autophagy Psychotronic Generator Crystal Set Overview

1) Keep Your Crystals On You

Keep your Autophagy Psychotronic Generator Crystals on your person: Clear crystal left pocket, smokey crystal right pocket.  If you have no pockets, place the crystals in your handbag and that works just fine.  During the night if you wish you can place the two crystals in you the pockets of your pyjamas or under your pillow while you sleep or just as good on the side table near your bed.

2) Follow Autophagy Principles

The benefit of Autophagy Psychotronic Generator Crystals is you simply don't eat for 19 hours.  You can drink water, coffee or tea but avoid calorific sugary drinks which can disrupt the Autophagy process.  Do active exercise for 30 minutes  leading up to your 5 hour feeding window and then  eat what you want during the 5 hour period.  One can adapt one's life surprising quickly to this routine.    

The Autophagy Psychotronic Generator Crystals are also an excellent addition to other Autophagy eating programs such as  Naomi Whittel's Glow15 or Dr. Michael Mosley 5:2 diet for example.  

3) Repeat Step 1 & 2 Daily

Simply Repeat step 1 and 2 daily and see the positives results to your well being and weight loss.  

Remember the Autophagy Psychotronic Generator Crystal Set optimises the Autophagy process.  

The Three Steps Of Autophagy

Keep your crystals on or about your person during the day.

19 Hours Fast

5 Hour Eating Window To Eat What You Want.

Repeat this process daily and see the wide range of Autophagy health benefits optimised by your Autophagy Psychotronic Crystal Set.

The Autophagy Psychotronic Generator Set: Essential for a healthier, longer life.