Autophagy Psychotronic Generator Set: The Secret To Anti-Ageing

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Founded on the principals of Dr. Yoshinori Ohsumi's 2016 Nobel Prize winning work on Autophagy.

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The Autophagy Psychotronic Generator Set: A must have for anyone in the public eye.

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Anti-Ageing Tech is your partner in your Autophagy lifestyle, weight loss programs.

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The  Autophagy Psychotronic Generator Set can pay for itself in a few short months from the savings you make from the meals you no longer require.

Autophagy Psychotronic Generator Crystal Set

Autophagy Psychotronic Generator Crystal Set.  Autophogy made simple and effective.

An essential, simple and effective part of any Autophagy program. 

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Autophagy Psychotronic Generators 

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Autophagy Psychotronic Generator Set

What is Autophagy?

 The natural process of the human body cleaning out and recycling unnecessary cells.

Psychotronic Generators

Highly effective, previously secret, black ops military technology now available to improve your health. 

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The Autophagy Psychotronic Generator links to the global meme of Autophagy & healthy living. 

Eating Patterns

Eating 3 meals a day is a grazing eating patter which produces the global problem of obesity.  

With Anti-Ageing Tech

You eat when you want, what you want during a 5 hour window and for the other 19 hours your body rests.

Live Longer Healthier

Autophagy typically reduces calorie intake which provides benefits of living longer and healthier lives.


Autophagy The Secret To Anti-Ageing

Autophagy Psychotronic Generator Set: $600

Autophagy is fast becoming the hottest topic in anti-ageing, health and well-being.  This is thanks to the good work of Dr. Yoshinori Ohsumi who won the 2016 Nobel Prize for his work on Autophagy.  What he discovered was how effective the role of Autophagy is in the weight loss process and it is a natural process we all have within our bodies but rarely activate.  

In simple terms, Autophagy is the natural process of the human body cleaning out and recycling unnecessary cells. This process is activated by using a fasting methodology.   This natural Autophagy process can be significantly enhanced with the Autophagy Psychotronic Generator Set uniquely developed by  

More on this to in a moment...

Living a lifestyle which embraces Autophagy enables celebrities to look slim, trim, muscular and appear to defy the effects of ageing. In fact, the meme of super fit, young, healthy body image (and the ability to achieve it) is firmly embedded in human consciousness for both men and women.  This is easy to understand with the fantastic visual images which Hollywood produces in their films and with the massive popularity of Hollywood & Music Stars social media posts providing tantalising access to their glamorous lifestyles.   Flick through Instagram and you will see that diet, fitness and well-being is of utmost importance for celebrities viewed by their millions of followers.  Jennifer Lopez is celebrating the results of her 10 day no sugar no carbs diet which she promises to do again soon. Bebe Rexha is looking amazing achieving fantastic results from her health regime.  Katy Perry shares her workouts in fabulous footwear. Miley Cyrus is flashing her abs and Taylor Swift is body confident being the cat’s meow as Bombalurina in Cats.  For the male Hollywood celebrity, you will typically see the strong man gym work outs with the awesome results that Dwayne Johnson has achieved throughout his life and Chris Hemsworth’s variety of fitness and diet techniques to embrace his Thor persona.   

The focus on body image is driving both men and women in the public eye to make 50 the new 30 demonstrating their health, strength and swimsuit perfect bodies.  This is understandable as body image is a cornerstone of the celebrity business and they have a team and resources at their disposal to maintain and develop their body image and social media output.  The celebrity fixation on body image filters down through society and we see there is pressure to maintain one’s body image.  While the reason for achieving and maintaining your perfect body image may vary depending on your age group the simple fact is that body image will continue to be a topic of discussion. 

The good news is that now there is finally a viable solution to achieving and maintain your ideal body image through the range of technology products from Anti-Ageing Tech of which the cornerstone for good health is the Autophagy Psychotronic Generator Set.

If we look at the typical modern lifestyle we find that we are eating 3 meals a day;  even on a low-calorie diet one typically eats every few hours.  This can be viewed a grazing feeding pattern.  The body is constantly receiving fuel in the form of food to be processed.  The body never has time to rest, recycle the body’s cells and reset.  

The Autophagy process activates after fasting over 12-14 hours allowing your body to enter a short ketosis period before you eat during your daily eating window.  The benefits of practising Autophagy then become apparent when a regularly daily fasting program is embraced.  Most people are not accustom to fasting or dieting in this way.  

With the Autophagy Psychotronic Generator Set simply don't eat for 19 hours and then eat what you like during the 5 hour feeding window.   It is this simple and the Autophagy Psychotronic Generator Set is designed to optimises your bodies Autophagy process 24/7.  Simply keep the the  Autophagy Psychotronic Generator Set on or around your person;  the clear crystal in your left pocket, the smoky crystal in your right pocket or place both clear and dark crystals in your handbag.  Simple.

There are several helpful Autophagy programs to help you to adjust to the Autophagy fasting process and guide you through healthy eating and healthy living which include Naomi Whittel with her book Glow15 and Dr. Michael Mosley with his 5:2 diet.  

The Autophagy Psychotronic Generator Set is an essential addition to whichever Autophagy eating program you wish to follow. enhances these methods which build your "I can enjoy fasting mindset." 

At our goal is to dramatically improve and reward your Autophagy efforts with the Autophagy Psychotronic Generator Set.  

Committing to an Autophagy program is a lifestyle change. You are going to want big rewards for your efforts to look younger, feel fitter and slim down.  To do so you need the right tools for the job which is the Autophagy Psychotronic Generator Set.  

Now we know that Autophagy allows your cells to get rid of all the poisons, defective components be they DNA, RNA, proteins and kills cells which are cancerous: bacteria viruses and parasites are eliminated by this process. 

The new scientific research into anti-ageing concentrates on eliminating old dead defective cells that poison the healthy cells around them.  Start-up companies are spending fortunes on trying to develop drugs to eliminate all the old poisoned cells in your body which poison the healthy ones and cause premature ageing and eventual death.

The genius of is applying the techniques of deep black ops military technology and exotic physics is to deliver revolutionary health benefits to our customers.  Not with drugs, but with the use of concepts (archetypes) programmed into the Psychotronic Generator.  

There is significant public domain material available for review at your leisure using the research link. Autophagy in itself is a concept (archetype) which exists in the human consciousness which is made real in the Autophagy Psychotronic Generator Set.  

The brilliance of the application of exotic physics technology to produce the Autophagy Psychotronic Generator set is to provide a drug free, surgery free method to significantly enhance longevity and cause radical de-ageing by enabling Autophagy 24/7.

In fact, it is the positive benefits of Autophagy which are the real reason why extended lifespan by radically reducing dietary intake to starvation levels by eating around 30% of normal dietary intake increases lifespan by around 30%.  With Autophagy you can eat a lot but in a very limited dietary window  of up to 5 hours a day. Use of Psychotronic Generators to radically boost this Autophagy effect allows you to eat normally in this 5 hour dietary window with enhanced effects to increase your lifespan radically and de-age while you eat and drink what you want.   

Grazing is therefore lethal and produces the 2 billion obese people we find on the planet.  

All A-listers should radically reconsider all aspects of their dietary intake to take full advantage of Autophagy to be young fit and slim without worrying about what they eat.  Using psychotronic generators to radically boost the Autophagy effect is the cornerstone of the mission statement that middle-age can be prolonged for 200 years only by the use of psychotronic generators and short window feeding accompanied by regular high intensity exercise and all drug regimens by start-up companies to kill old poisoned cells are rendered obsolete by the Autophagy Psychotronic Generator set.

As usual the clear psychotronic generator carrying out the i to the i and the dark psychotronic generator carrying out -i to the i.  With Autophagy archetype embodied within them to carry out this process on you automatically.  With a 5 hour feeding window before which you have exercised intensely, the exercise mere hours before the feeding guarantees that Autophagy works in an optimal manner amplified by the psychotronic generators which are simply kept on your person 24/7 to carry out the Autophagy process automatically.  

Radically improve your healthy life span with the: 

Autophagy Psychotronic Generator Crystal Set. 

A bargain at $600

Autophagy Psychotronic Generator Set: Point Of Interest

The Autophagy Psychotronic Generator Set is designed to be a part of your daily life for decades in a simple in carefree, healthy lifestyle fashion.  

In fact, the Autophagy Psychotronic Generator Set pays for itself in a few short months when you realise the amount of money saved from not purchasing food and drink at regular intervals throughout the day.    

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